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Maintenance Tips For Tenants

Self-Diagnose and Solve Any Issues In Your Laramie Property Management Rental Property

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Follow Our Staff’s Online Maintenance Tips

If you start to notice any issues in your Laramie Property Management rented property, this resource page is for you! Our goal is to help you diagnose any potential issues or broken appliances, prior to contacting our maintenance team. Take advantage of this online resource and walk through each troubleshooting step to hopefully solve the problem. If, after going through your unique situation’s protocol, there is no change, contact our Laramie Property Management staff for more detailed help! Follow our directions below and avoid having to submit a regular maintenance request!

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Garbage Disposal Issues

Before you fill out an online maintenance request through Laramie Property Management, please review the following troubleshooting steps. If the problem persists, let us know and we’ll solve it right away!

Turn the disposal ON and listen. Ask yourself: is it completely quiet, or does it make a slight humming noise?

  • If it makes no noise, try using the “RESET” button located on the bottom of the disposal. Push the button all the way in and then try using the garbage disposal again to see if that fixes the problem.

  • If the disposal makes a humming noise but does not spin, it is probably jammed. Try looking inside with a flashlight to see if anything is visibly stuck. Look for the disposal wrench attached to the disposal and use it to turn the bottom of the disposal counterclockwise. Then press the reset button on the bottom of the disposal.

  • Unplug the disposal underneath the sink to ensure it has no power. Use long pliers or another grabbing tool to remove any items jammed in the blades. Do not stick your hand inside!

  • Put a broom handle or wooden spoon inside the disposal. Try giving it a gentle twist to break the blades loose. Do not use extreme force.

PLEASE NOTE: Never put these items down the disposal: chicken bones, onion peels, potato skins, and corn husks! This can cause future issues down the road. 

Do not use liquid drain cleaner in the kitchen sink, especially in a garbage disposal.

Loss Of Electricity &
Outlets Not Working

If you experience any disruptions in your electricity, or if the electrical outlets in your property are not working, follow this guide step-by-step before filling out a maintenance request. If the problem persists, we’ll step in and investigate!

  • Check the fuse box for a tripped breaker switch.

  • Reset the breaker by moving it to the full “off” position and then back to the “on” position.

  • Check your appliances. Unplug all of them. Reset the breaker and plug one appliance in at a time to locate a possible faulty appliance.

  • Look for a GFI plug, which is typically in locations near water like the kitchen, bathroom, or garage. The GFI is designed to “trip” or cut electrical power in case of a short, like when you drop a curling iron in the bathtub. You can reset the GFI by pressing the “RESET” button in the middle. You may have to push the “TEST” button and then the “RESET” before it will turn back On.

  • There may be more than one GFI. Sometimes the GFI is on the circuit breaker, so be sure to check the panel for problems as well.

  • Contact your local power company to inquire if there are any power outages in your neighborhood.

Broken Or Chirping Smoke Detector

If your rental property’s smoke detectors are chirping, or are simply not working properly, follow these steps from Laramie Property Management for diagnosing and solving the issue. If after going through this guide, the smoke detector is still broken, fill out an online maintenance request.

  • Normally the smoke alarm will emit a beeping or “chirping” sound when the batteries are not working or are losing their charge.

  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every thirty days.

  • If a unit fails a test, change the batteries.

  • If a new battery does not work, submit a maintenance request.

  • Do not disconnect, remove, or otherwise disable a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector.

Clogged Sink

If any of the sinks are clogged in your rental property’s kitchen or bathroom, please review this step-by-step troubleshooting video prior to submitting a maintenance request. If the issue is not solved after viewing this video, let us know!

Clogged Toilet

If any toilet in your rental property is clogged or is not flushing properly, follow this quick, easy troubleshooting guide. If the problem persists despite your efforts, let us know and fill out an online maintenance request.

Refrigerator Issues

If you suspect your refrigerator is experiencing any issues, or if it is not working properly, follow the troubleshooting tips in this video. If after reviewing this guide, the problem persists, contact our management team and fill out a maintenance request.

broken oven

Oven Issues

If your oven is experiencing any maintenance issues, follow our Laramie Property Management troubleshooting steps below to solve the problem. If after doing so, the situation hasn’t changed, contact us and we’ll get it fixed.

  • Check the “Time-Bake” setting on the unit. If the oven is in “Time-Bake” mode it will not heat.
  • Check to see if the oven is in self-clean mode
  • If the oven does not work in Bake mode, try turning it to Broil and see if it works.
  • You can also attempt to find the User Manual by searching Google for the make and model.

Circuit Breaker Continually Turns Off

If you experience persistent issues with your rental property’s circuit breaker, review the following troubleshooting tips from Laramie Property Management. If after doing so, there is no change, contact us to have it fixed! 

  • Check to see if too many appliances are running
  • Common culprits include high-energy devices such as microwaves, refrigerators, clothes dryers, toasters, curling irons, blow dryers, computers, printers, or space heaters.
circuit breaker

Air Conditioning Issues

Several different problems may manifest with regards to your air conditioning unit. If any of the following issues persist, go through each of our troubleshooting steps prior to filling out a maintenance request form. If after troubleshooting, the air conditioning unit is still malfunctioning, let our staff know.

  • Is the thermostat set to “COOL” and is the fan set to “AUTO”?
  • Is the temperature adjusted low enough?

If the AC unit is running but only blows warm air, try these tips:

  • Check the filter.
  • Check the thermostat to ensure your temperature is turned down low enough.
  • Check the condenser line. This is a copper line about as thick as a pencil and located outside next to the blower. It should be warm to the touch. If it is hot then you need to check the blower fan outside.
  • Locate the blower and ensure the fan on top is running. If not, you can try to start it by pushing it with a pencil or ruler. Fans sometimes get stuck after long periods of no use. Do not use your fingers!
  • You can also check the condenser coil, located on the sides of the blower housing. If it appears dirty, turn the whole system off and then clean the coils by spraying with a garden hose. Do not use a pressure washer as it may damage the system. Light pressure is enough.

If the AC unit is not running at all:

  • Ensure the system is turned on. There is an ON/OFF switch that may be accidentally moved to the OFF position. You may even try turning it OFF and then back to ON.
  • Check your circuit breakers. They sometimes trip during hot weather or if a circuit overloads.
  • Check the ON/OFF switch on the blower.

PLEASE NOTE: If a technician is scheduled to service the unit, please turn it off completely. It may need a couple hours to defrost before anyone can work on it. By turning it off you will save the
technician a lot of time.

Heating Or Cooling Air Filter Issues

Aside from common issues with your rental home or apartment's air conditioning unit, there may be problems arising with your heating or cooling air filters. If you notice anything off, view this video’s troubleshooting tips to see if it solves the problem. If not, contact our team and fill out a maintenance request form.

Prevent Frozen Pipes In The Winter

It’s critically important for your rental unit’s pipes to work properly during the colder months. Please follow this step-by-step process for preventing frozen pipes in late fall or early winter. If any of the following steps fail, and you suspect you have frozen pipes, contact Laramie Property Management and fill out an online maintenance request form.

  • Disconnect all garden hoses from exterior water valves. Drain and store hoses for the winter.
  • Close inside valves supplying hose bibs. Then open exterior hose bibs to allow excess water to drain off and keep the valve open so any remaining water can expand without bursting the pipe.
  • Keep exterior doors closed to protect interior pipes.
  • Keep cabinets open underneath sinks to allow warm air to circulate around the plumbing.
  • Do not let the temperature drop below 55 degrees inside the home.

Clogged Shower Or Tub Drain

If your shower or tub drain isn’t working as quickly as it used to, or if it has stopped working entirely, follow these troubleshooting tips to solve the problem. However, if the issue persists over time, fill out an online maintenance request.


Broken Garage Door Remote Control Opener

 If your rental home remote  garage door opener is malfunctioning, follow the following rest tips before contacting your management team. If the issue persists despite your troubleshooting efforts, fill out an online maintenance request.


Garage Remote/Doors

 The most common problem with garage remotes is a dead battery.
Normally this is caused by the sensors on either side of the garage door either being blocked or out of alignment.
Remove anything that may be blocking them. Adjust each sensor so they are directly facing each other.


No Hot Water

If your kitchen sink or bathroom shower is not producing any hot water, follow our management team’s troubleshooting guide below. If after going through each step there is no change, contact our team directly to have the issue fixed!

  • Check to see if the hot water tank is leaking.
  • Check the fuse box for a tripped breaker switch.
  • If it’s a gas water heater, check to see if the pilot light is out. If you can’t turn it on, call your gas provider for instructions.
  • Perhaps the tap to fill the system has been turned off? Ensure the tap is turned on fully.

If you have an electric system:

  • Ensure that the safety switch in the fuse/meter box is engaged. If the power connection has been established the same day, wait overnight to ensure the electric system is not on an “off peak” timer.

If you have a gas system:

  • Check the pilot light. If it has gone out, follow the user instructions to relight it.
woman in cold shower

Still Experiencing Issues? Contact Laramie Property Management!

Your goal is to ensure you live comfortably in your rental property! If any of these common household issues appear, follow our helpful videos and tips before contacting our Laramie Property Management team! It’s possible what may seem like a major problem can be solved with a few simple fixes, getting you back on track in no time. However, if none of our maintenance team’s problem-solving tips are working, let us know! View all our other tenant resources online!

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