Laramie Property Management Group has been in business since 2015. First and foremost, we’re proud to call Laramie our home, and proud to be part of the deep and fascinating story of this town.

Laramie has been around since the mid-1860’s, and it was founded as a tent city along a main route of the Overland Stage Line. It was named after Jacques La Ramie, a famed and well-respected trapper who vanished while on an expedition at the Laramie River. What began as a tiny community blossomed into a vibrant and energetic city of more than 30,000 residents.

Today, Laramie is a popular location for retirees looking to settle down, young families working to put down roots, and eager professionals ready to make their mark. Laramie Jubilee Days is a highly popular street festival initiated to celebrate Wyoming gaining statehood. Visitors enjoy parades, carnival rides, live music, and rodeo events. The University of Wyoming also offers The Geological Museum, as well as an art museum and the Fine Arts Concert Hall.

Those living and working in Laramie, a low crime rate and neighborhoods like West Laramie, Howell, City Center, and the U of Wyoming are all highly sought-after areas, due to the region’s small town charm. Residents also have easy access to sporting events, a wide variety of excellent schools, and outdoor recreation opportunities due to the close proximity of the Laramie and North Platte Rivers.

Is Laramie right for you? We certainly think so, but we’ll admit, we’re a little biased. For more information or to get started, we’re available to communicate by phone or online.