Whether you’ve just made the decision to buy a home or you’re renting and excited about moving into a new space, the decision about how you’ll decorate is a big one. Does your budget allow you to pick out several new pieces of furniture and get some new art, or do you need to repurpose the things you already have? Chances are that for many, it will be some combination of those two things.

You’ll also need to think about if you should paint the walls — if you can paint them, that is — as well as several other little things (including, but not limited to whether or not the shower curtains you have will fit, if you should get new rugs, if the layout will require new furniture, if you need to buy blinds or curtains for the windows, and more).

In other words, there’s plenty to consider. It can all be overwhelming, but one of the things that can make it just a little bit easier is to come up with a color scheme. How can you do that? We have a few tips in today’s post, so keep reading to learn more!

Create Your Own Color Palette for Your Home

What Do You Already Have?

That rug that you love that you know will be going in your living room? If it has multiple colors in it, you can use that as a source from which to derive the rest of your colors. For example, if it’s primarily blue with little flecks of yellow and pink, all you have to do is purchase items with those colors in them. Find a painting the brings out the blue in your rug, pick a lampshade that is slightly pink, and decorate with some yellow flowers on your coffee table, and you’re all set!

Bonus Tip: It’s never a bad idea to stick with three colors in a room. This allows your eye plenty to take in without making the space feel overwhelming.

Don’t Underestimate Neutrals

Some people just don’t want to make a big color commitment, and that’s totally okay! To those people we say it’s just fine to stick with black, white, and grey as your main colors. You don’t have to go overboard and paint every wall. Instead, you can utilize the neutral color palette as a background to make a bright colored piece of art pop — or not, if you prefer not to!

Look Online

One of the best things about living in this day and age is that it’s easier than ever to find plenty of inspiration for a room or for your entire home. All it takes is a quick look at Google images, Pinterest, or Instagram to find several rooms that you love. Our advice is to save the photos you like and make notes about what you like about each of them. Before long, a pattern emerges, allowing you to create your own look (or recreate a look that you absolutely love). Pay particular attention to how other people use color in their home and try to consider what it is you like or dislike about the examples you find.

Use a Color Generator

Another benefit of the internet is easy access to color generators. The Spruce recently provided readers with a detailed look at the process of using one as well as which ones they like and why. There are plenty of great tips in their post, so be sure to take a good look. Of particular note for those who will be painting a room or two is their section on interior paint color viewers and visualizers. These allow you to choose a color and get an idea of exactly how it will look in your space by uploading a picture of the room you intend to use the color in.

Head to the Library

A quick trip to the Albany County Public Library here in Laramie or to the Laramie County Library in Cheyenne will provide you with countless resources. Do a bit of research and then use your library card to check out books about color theory, interior design, and home decorating. This is beneficial because you get plenty of high quality information without having to shell out the money to purchase new books. There is a wealth of knowledge available at the library, so take advantage of this resource — and don’t be afraid to ask the librarians for help!

Let Us Help You Find a Home You’ll Love

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